Matt Davison - Stanford PhD and inventor of Think Gum, the first herbal nootropic chewing gum.

As a major in molecular and cell biology at U.C. Berkeley, mentally demanding tasks confronted Matt Davidson on a daily basis. Like most students, Matt spent much of his time studying, making presentations and taking exams. He did well in school but he knew he could always do better. One day he read about a study measuring productivity in a factory. The factory managers recorded the number of errors each worker made while breathing in different herbal extracts. In the presence of scents like peppermint and rosemary, workers made fewer careless errors. That day a light bulb went off in Matt’s head. He spent the next few months reading every scientific journal article he could find on the topic. He knew he was on to something.

Matt began chewing his own concoction of peppermint gum and freshly picked rosemary during exams and even during class. He did quite well and graduated Phi Beta Kappa and with high honors.

Fresh out of college, Matt was determined to share his discovery. He thought everyone should have the same opportunity to improve their mental performance. After extensive research and many months experimenting with different formulations, Think Gum was born.

Matt went on to receive at PhD in Biosciences from Stanford University, chewing think gum every day. His memory and concentration are better than ever!


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