Think Gum “Brain-Boosting Chewing Gum,” Will Revolutionize The Way Students Study

STANFORD CALIFORNIA, December 8th, 2007 - Think Gum™, a “Brain-Boosting Chewing Gum,™ will revolutionize the way students study. 

Functional chewing gum, or gum that promises a little something extra has previously been used to whiten teeth, supply daily vitamins and even keep you awake.  Think Gum LLC takes this sweet delivery device to new limits with their namesake confection.  

Think Gum™ was designed to “enhance concentration, improve memory and ease anxiety,” says Think Gum LLC founder Matt Davidson.  Chewing gum isn’t often thought of as high-tech, but with ingredients like xylitol (a tooth-friendly calorie-free sweetener) and vinpocetine (a cerebral-specific phosphodiesterase inhibitor) you might feel like you need an advanced degree just to chew this stuff.  It’s a good thing Think Gum™ will help you in your chemistry class, right?

“You don’t need to understand all the biochemistry.  You just need to chew it while you study, and again when you need your brain to perform,” says Davidson.  That’s easy for him to say.  He graduated Phi beta Kappa and Magna cum Laude from U.C. Berkeley in 2006 with a degree in molecular and cellular biology.  At the age of just 22, he co-authored his first scientific paper in the British medical journal, The Lancet.  He is now a bioscience Ph.D. student at Stanford. 

Davidson created the gum after hearing about how some scents such as rosemary and peppermint could be used to improve concentration and reduce careless errors.  Like many people, Matt chewed gum to help him focus.  He coupled this with his science background and an entrepreneurial spirit.  “I used to pick leaves from rosemary bushes on campus and put them in my peppermint chewing gum before class,” he says.  Think Gum has come a long way since then.  It now includes herbal extracts such as ginkgo biloba, bacopa, guarana and vinpocetine.  He is quick to add, “It also has enough caffeine to keep you going during boring lectures.”

One principle this functional gum relies on is called, “context-dependent memory.”  This is the idea that if you learn something in the presence of a certain stimuli then when you are in the presence of the same stimuli later, your memory of what you learned will be stoked.  A good example of this phenomenon is the aroma of pumpkin pie.  The smell makes people happy, relaxed and just plain gushy inside.  However, smell doesn’t “do” anything to you.  It simply elicits the good thanksgiving memories that are ever so closely linked with the scent of pumpkin pie.

If you chew Think Gum™ while studying, your recall of the same information will be improved when you chew Think Gum again.  Context-dependent memory, herbal extracts, and caffeine make Think Gum™ the solution for the slacking student.  The gum is sugar-free and tastes like typical peppermint gum with hints of the aromatic herbal ingredients.

Think Gum  “Brain-Boosting Chewing Gum,” could revolutionize the way students study.  Think Gum is available for purchase online at and at some campus bookstores.

About Think Gum LLC

Think Gum is a chewing gum company that supplies its customers with chewing gum designed to boost mental performance.  The candy-coated chewing gum is flavored and scented with rosemary, peppermint and other brain-boosting herbs and herbal extracts.  Matt Davidson founded the company in 2006.


Matt Davidson, Founder of Think Gum LLC

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