Empower Pack 

12 pieces of gum

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This 12-piece pack will allow you to experience Think Gum’s brain-boosting power for yourself. It’s perfect if you have a project to grind out, a big test coming up, or if you simply want to find out what the hype is about!

Brighten Box

12 Empower Packs (12×12 pieces)

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This box is ideal for avid gum chewers who want to truly improve their brain. It is also the perfect way to have enough gum to share with your friends, classmates, and co-workers!

Ascension Pack 

12 Brighten Boxes (12x12x12 pieces)

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By popular demand, each case contains enough gum to keep you concentrating all year long. It is the perfect tool for educators to keep students performing at their peak potential.