Most Frequently Asked Questions

What is Think Gum?

Think Gum is a sugar-free candy-coated chewing gum carefully designed to enhance mental performance. It contains potent herbs and herbal extracts that are scientifically demonstrated to improve concentration, increase alertness, reduce careless errors and enhance information recall.

Does Think Gum contain any peanut or peanut-related materials?

No. Think Gum contains no peanut or peanut-related materials.

Is Think Gum wheat and gluten free?

Think Gum is wheat and gluten free. However, if this is a concern we advise that you consult with your physician.


Is Think Gum lactose free?

There are no milk-based products in Think Gum. If you experience undesired symptoms while chewing Think Gum, please discontinue use and consult your doctor.

Does Think Gum contain caffeine?

Yes. Think Gum contains 20mg of naturally derived caffeine per serving, equivalent to the caffeine in one-half of a can of soda. The caffeine in Think Gum comes from the seeds of the guarana berry.


Where is Think Gum made?

Think Gum is manufactured and packaged entirely within the United States. We could have outsourced many aspects of the business, but feel it is important to support the economy and people here at home.

Is Think Gum Vegetarian?

Think Gum is a vegetarian product. The gum is made with wild-crafted herbs and the finest GMP supplements and does not contain any animal products.

What ingredients are in Think Gum?

Ingredient and supplement information can be found here.

General Information

How much does Think Gum cost?

The average retail price for a pack of Think Gum (12 pieces) is $2.50.


Is Think Gum regulated by the FDA?

As a dietary supplement, Think Gum is in compliance with the Dietary Health and Supplement Act (DSHEA) as required by the FDA. Please keep in mind that Think Gum has not been evaluated by the FDA and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Is there scientific evidence to support that Think Gum really works?

Think Gum is committed to bringing you the best formulation on the market to meet your needs. To accomplish this, our team has read countless articles and research papers on the ingredients contained in Think Gum. Each ingredient contained in Think Gum is documented in published scientific journals to provide cognitive enhancement. We recently completed a study that demonstrates Think Gum improves aspects of memory. Students who chewed Think Gum felt more alert and could better concentrate after chewing Think Gum. To read the full study please either click here or go to the Journal of Appetite. Davidson, M.G. (2011). Herbal caffeinated chewing gum, but not bubble gum, improves aspects of memory. Appetite, 57, 303–307.

I chewed Think Gum but didn’t get an A, what happened?

While Think Gum helps your cognitive performance, it is not a substitute for studying and working hard. There can be many reasons why you do not do as well as you would want on a particular assignment or task. Try talking to your teacher or the person evaluating your work to see what you should focus your attention on for next time. Make your study or work environment as productive as possible. Remove distractions and stick to good study habits.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes. We ship to several countries. You can easily place an order though our online store. When you check out, select the option for international shipping.

How to Use

How do I use Think Gum?

Chew Think Gum like any other chewing gum. You will get the greatest benefit from Think Gum if you chew it while studying or learning new information and then once again to recall this information. Think Gum is designed to release its herbal ingredients over time. To get full benefits, chew for at least 15 minutes.

Can I chew Think Gum if I am using other medicines or herbal supplements?

We recommend talking to your physician when taking any combination of medication and herbal supplements.

Can I chew Think Gum everyday?

Yes. You can chew Think Gum every day. In fact, many long-term studies suggest that the herbal ingredients in Think Gum work best when taken over a prolonged period. If you have health concerns, we recommend that you first consult with your pharmacist or family physician.

Can children chew Think Gum?

While there are no known problems with children chewing Think Gum, we recommend that you consult with your pediatrician.

Can nursing or pregnant women chew Think Gum?

Because no long-term studies have been done on this topic, we recommend that you consult with your doctor before chewing Think Gum.

Are there any side effects from chewing Think Gum?

There are no known side effects from chewing Think Gum, but if you think you may have some sensitivity to any of the herbal ingredients, we suggest you discontinue use until you have consulted with your pharmacist or family physician.

What happens if I swallow my gum?

Nothing bad will happen to you if you swallow Think Gum.

Company Information

Is Think Gum LLC a publicly traded company?

Think Gum LLC is a privately held company. If you are interested in investing in or partnering with Think Gum LLC, please contact us at Investing@ThinkGum.com.

Can I become a distributor for Think Gum?

We are looking to expand our distribution network and would love to work with you. Think Gum offers attractive margins, premium pricing and is a fantastic point-of-purchase item. It does especially well at college campuses, coffee shops and corporate mini kitchens. Please e-mail Distribution@ThinkGum.com to learn more.



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