Press & Testimonials

“My husband is a gamer (board, not video) and is convinced it helps him win. I stocked up for Christmas. Thanks!”
-Tracy from St. Paul, Minnesota

“Well, here we are November 12 and Kyle found out a few days ago that he did indeed pass his class! It was the last class he needed for his AA so he can move on to University of Central Florida and study physical therapy. Thanks for everything.”
-Robin from Palm Beach, Florida

“I am a first-year student at the University of Victoria, in Victoria BC, Canada. When I heard about your gum, I admit I was skeptical, but after trying it I noticed a definite improvement in my alertness and focus.”
-Andrew B. from Victoria, Canada

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…an even-keeled, concentrated boost…more alert but not antsy


Think Gum provides a competitive edge worth sinking your teeth into



…we unwrapped, we chewed, we chewed some more…”