Think Gum, the herbal nootropic gum, was featured on TIME.

…an even-keeled, concentrated boost…more alert but not antsy”

Think Gum, the herbal nootropic gum, was featured in NBC News.

Think Gum provides a competitive edge worth sinking your teeth into”

Think Gum, the herbal nootropic gum, was featured on Entrepreneur.

…we unwrapped, we chewed, we chewed some more…”

Think Gum, the herbal nootropic gum, was featured on Prevention.

Promises to keep you awake and make you smarter”

The hot new item for college students as they cram for midterms”

NBC News coverage of Think Gum

Fox News coverage of Think Gum

“My husband is a gamer (board, not video) and is convinced it helps him win. I stocked up for Christmas. Thanks!”
-Tracy from St. Paul, Minnesota

“I am a first-year student at the University of Victoria, in Victoria BC, Canada. When I heard about your gum, I admit I was skeptical, but after trying it I noticed a definite improvement in my alertness and focus.”
-Andrew B. from Victoria, Canada

“I was first introduced to Think Gum when you presented the gum and your business story to us at Camp BizSmart (Santa Clara University) this past summer.  I’ve been chewing Think Gum while studying and during tests and I am convinced it works. My test grades are improving.
-Henry S from San Jose, California

“Well, here we are November 12 and Kyle found out a few days ago that he did indeed pass his class! It was the last class he needed for his AA so he can move on to University of Central Florida and study physical therapy. Thanks for everything.”
-Robin from Palm Beach, Florida

“I work at Stanford, I heard the story of Matt Davidson and his development of Think Gum. I was truly impressed by the cleverness of this product.  It also seemed to me very scientifically sound. I went to Alway’s Cafe and got a sample, tried it, and LOVED it.”
-Jack from Palo Alto, California

“I used to fall asleep in history class every day. I tried drinking soda and even sitting in the front of the class, but it didn’t help. Then my friend told me about Think Gum. Now I chew it during class and have been able to actually focus on what my teacher is saying. I even chewed the gum during my final and did great. Thanks.”
-Mario Sanchez

“Thank You! I chew Think Gum during our weekly staff meetings. Last week I came up with a great idea on how to attract new clients. Not only will it help our firm make more money, but my boss came up to me afterward and told me what a great job I’m doing.”
-Amanda Chrystie from California

“I find myself chewing a lot of Think Gum. I actually do feel sharper and seem to be getting more answers correct while watching Jeopardy!”
-Carole R from Los Angeles, California

“I recently purchased “Think Gum” after reading about it as a case study in my entrepreneurship class. I own a small home-based business in one of Chicago’s suburbs, therefore my plate is always overloaded. To make a long story short, I started chewing the gum everyday and honestly I seem to remember things that need to be done. Thank you.”
-Sheri from Aurora, IL

“My brother and I have always been competitive when it comes to school. He is a year older than me and sets the bar pretty high. When it came time to take the SAT’s I knew that if I set my mind to it, I could get an even higher score than he did. I studied nonstop and chewed Think Gum the entire time. I also chewed Think Gum when I was taking the test and I was able to remember everything I learned. I just got my score in the mail and I beat him by 30 points! He’s never going to hear the end of this one!”
-Justin Lee from New York City

“Without Think Gum there is no way I would have been able to keep my scholarship. My GPA was slipping and I needed to boost my grades. I chewed it around the clock during finals week and was able to turn in an “A” research paper. I even got a 94 in chemistry!”
-Victoria Commes-Wiess from Texas

“For me, Attention Deficit Disorder is the bane of my post-secondary existence… After trying Think Gum I found that it began to clear out all the noise in my head. My studies seemed less overwhelming, and my memory recall felt… organized. It was euphoric, chewing the gum made me feel like I had a chance to get through University. Hopefully no one else in my class discovers this, I might lose my advantage over them!”
– Alex G. from Canada

“The last 2 home derby bouts in Birmingham, AL I chewed Think Gum and handed it out to my teammates beforehand, and our team won BOTH! I have no doubt Think Gum helped us with our concentration and alertness.”
-Salty, Birmingham, Alabama

“Thanks Think Gum for providing us with the energy needed to help get us through our 94-hour LOST marathon charity event!”
-Aaron, NYC, New York

“Wow, who would believe that this product actually exists. I was skeptical at first, but used it while studying for the bar (I passed!) and swear that I was able to focus more and remember more nuances of the law. Best $ I have ever spent!”
-Joyce, Y Berkeley, California